The R&D activities performed in STRAERO are supported by a structure of laboratories and divisions:

Civil Aviation

STRAERO has extensive experience in the civil aviation area. During partnerships with different companies in Romania, we developed few light airplanes programs:

  • IAR 823 - propeller training aircraft
  • IAR 827 - single/two-seats agricultural aircraft
  • AG 6 - agricultural aircraft


Main tests we carried out for these aircrafts were:

  • static and fatigue testing for the whole planes
  • fatigue and vibration testing for the wing-fuselage junctions
  • failure and crash analyses
  • flight simulation, modeling and programming


Other light airplanes tested at STRAERO:

  • IAR 46
  • YAK 52 - trainer aircraft


Static and fatigue tests were carried out for both the planes. Moreover, the wing-fusselage junction of YAK 52 was subjected to fatigue and vibration testings and a drop test was carried out for IAR 46.

A full structural certfication programme was developed for IS 28D2 glider.

We also have experience in medium sized planes, i.e. BAC 1-11 (manufactured under UK license by ROMAERO Bucharest), for aero-servo-elastic controls analysis.

At a level of equipment and parts vibration tests, we were involved in testing program of Rolls-Royce Spey engine.

Military Aviation

In military aviation area, we contributed to several aircraft development programs:

  • IAR 93 - ground attack jet aircraft
  • IAR 99 - level II jet training aircraft
  • IAR 95 - supersonic fighter - the program was canceled after 1989 due to political and economical changes in Romania


The main directions of testing and certification programs for IAR 93 and IAR 99 were:

  • static and fatigue testing for the whole planes;
  • static and fatigue testing for plane components:
    •  wing,
    •  anterior fuselage,
    •  posterior fuselage,
    •  empennages;
  • fatigue and vibration testing for the wing-fuselage junction;
  • flight simulation, modeling and programming;
  • failure and crash analyses;
  • analysis and synthesis of electro-hydro servo actuators for primary flight controls;
  • aero-servo-elastic controls analysis.


For the IAR 95 program we carried out the analysis and synthesis of electro-hydro servo actuators for primary flight controls.


We also carried out static & fatigue certification and vibration testing for helicopters:

  • IAR 330 Puma
  • IAR 330 SOCAT
  • IAR 330 Puma Naval

These helicopters are manufactured under French license by IAR Brasov.


At engine level, we have developed testing program for Rolls-Royce Viper engine sub-assemblies.

A recent project was our contribution to the development program of a Target UAV.

Multi-Disciplinary Programmes

STRAERO expert knowledge, developed mainly for aeronautical purposes, is often transfered to general industrial applications. Government agencies or private enterprises, obtain support when STRAERO´s expertise and facilities fit their requirements.

Advice on modal analysis of structures, or vibrations caused by aeroelastic effects, is provided on the basis of expert knowledge, tests on scale models or measurements on actual structures. STRAERO has capabilities to execute static or dynamic tests, to carry out calibrations of customers tensile testing machines, and to certify different industrial structures. Also, STRAERO can perform various static and dynamic tests for auto industry: buses, trolley-buses and small automobiles.

Expertise on aerospace structures and materials is applied in various structures design and testing, metal or composites materials. STRAERO develops fabrication concepts for composite structures that help reduce costs while ensuring low weight and high strength.

In the area of information and communication technology, STRAERO develops systems, tools and applications, such as, for example, embedded software and simulation technology (mathemaical models, visual environment) applicable to medical science, pilot selection process and assesment, phisiological sata acquisition and processing.

Expertise in computer aided design, development and manufacturing of models and test equipment enables STRAERO to provide support and to conduct seismic qualification tests for nuclear power plant equipment.

Institute for Theoretical

and Experimental Analysis of

Aeronautical - Astronautics Structures

STRAERO is a private research center acting as a leading provider of aerospace research and development (R&D) servicies and consulting in Romania.


Our mission at STRAERO is to provide qualified services in aeronautical field and to transfer knowledge, technology and experience to non-aerospace applications.

STRAERO is concerned with research and development (R&D) in aeronautical civil and military area, covering various activities, to meet requirements from customers.

We develop applications focused on:

  • analysis and experimental testing of structures and materials,
  • analysis of flight control systems,
  • design and manufacture of testing installations,
  • IT solutions.

Short History

STRAERO - Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Aeronautical Structures has been detached from the Aviation Institute ICSITAv (INCREST) and became an independent research company in 1991, when the whole aeronautical industry in Romania was reorganized.

Early roots of ICSITAv's activity can be found in the Applied Mechanics Institute - IMA, founded in 1950 by the Romanian Academy, and from 1968, in The Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Aerospace Researches - IMFCA.

In 1990, IMFCA became The National Institute for Technological and Scientific Creation - INCREST. Later its name has been changed and became The Institute for Aerospace Scientific Research and Technological Engineering - ICSITAv, responsible for developing of aircraft programmes and assuming control of all the Romanian aeronautical research.

Quality Management

STRAERO is certified:

  • ISO 9001:2008 – by QSCert
  • OMCAS - the Romanian Military Body for Certification, Accreditation and Monitoring within Ministry of Defence
  • Mechanical testing laboratory authorization by Romanian Railway Authority (AFER)
  • Mechanical testing laboratory authorization by Romanian Automotive Authority (RAR)

STRAERO is acreditated:

  • ISO/CEI 17025-2005 - Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories by Romanian Accreditation Association (RENAR)

STRAERO is about to obtain the following Certifications:

  • ISO/ISC 27001 - Information Security Management Systems
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1 - IT Service Management


  • Part 21 Section A by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)




Based on its extensive experience, STRAERO can offer R&D servicies and consulting in aeronautcal area, as well as in non-aeronautical industry.

  • aeroelastic anaysis,
  • dynamic response and modal analysis,
  • structural stress analysis,
  • flight loads measurements,
  • ground and flight vibration tests,
  • flutter tests,
  • static and fatigue tests,
  • validation & certification of aeronautical structures,
  • seismic qualification tests,
  • structural certification,
  • materials selection,
  • composite material products,
  • CAD/CAM/CAE solutions,
  • pilot selection,
  • data bases,
  • IT security solutions,
  • simulation and mathematical models,
  • EC R&D Programmes.



In order to perform static and dynamic tests able to deal with complete aircrafts, large structures or specimens for aeronautical and non-aeronautical applications, STRAERO operates the following structures testing systems and machines:

Two Schenck Universal Testing Machines of 6 and respectively 60 tones

  • static & dynamic loading
  • force and displacement control
  • up to 100 Hz, depending on specimen stiffness

Electro-Servo-Hydraulic Schenk Hydropuls System

  • 5 simultaneous control channels
  • 20 hydraulic actuators of different sizes

Prodera Ground Vibrations Testing System

  • Ex58 & Ex220 exciters
  • wide range digital frequency generator (0-2000 Hz)
  • A735 & A6485 amplifiers
  • P-SYS Modal Modules
  • P-WIN Modal Software


Hottinger Scanning System for static and quasi-static data acquisition

  • 400 strain gauge channels system
  • CATMANN Enterprise Software
  • Spider 8 Measuring System (hardware & software)

Testing Machine INSTRON 3000

Hardness Tester Machine

Low Speed & High Speed data Acquisition Systems

  • IBM PC Hosted
  • Full Programmable National Instruments Data Acquisition Boards
  • Up to 200 kS/s, 16 input channels, 2 output channels
  • Programmable clock signal


High Speed Camera

  • images acquisition with a frame rate up to 500 000 fps
  • high resolution images acquisition: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 1024x1024
  • Render / analyze images within a frame rate interval: 1 to 500 000fps


Our CISC processors resource is supported by a LAN Based on:

Main server powered by:

  • 4 INTEL XEON MP scalable processors
  • HDD Serial Attached SCSI RAID 10, hot swap
  • 16 GB DDRAM Dual Channel Registered ECC


Second server powered by:

  • 2 INTEL XEON HT processors
  • HDD Serial ATA RAID 0
  • ATI RADEON 9700 PRO Dual
  • 1 GB DDRAM Dual Channel Registered ECC


Workstations powered by:

  • INTEL PENTIUM Core2Duo E6600 processors
  • HDD Serial ATA RAID 0
  • 1 GB DDRAM Dual Channel


Workstations powered by:

  • INTEL PENTIUM 4 2.66 & 3.02 MHz HT processors
  • HDD Serial ATA RAID 0
  • 2 GB DDRAM Dual Channel


Workstations powered by:

  • INTEL PENTIUM 4 1.7 GHz processor
  • HDD Ultra ATA
  • 512 MB DDRAM

We use several software packages for modeling, design, numerical analysis, data acquisition and processing:

  • Proprietary code for simulation, processing & imaging purposes
  • In-house FEM/CFD proprietary code
  • Commercial FEM/CFD packages: Ansys
  • Design packages: AutoCAD
  • Modeling & simulation packages: Matlab
  • Data acquisition and Processing package: Labview
  • Programming environment: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Intel Fortran


Tiberiu ANGHEL

General Manager

Ing. Ionel POPESCU

Chief of the Research Department

Iuliana IONESCU Ec.

Economic Manager

Cristian Iliescu

Chief of the Technical Department

220 Iuliu Maniu Avenue

P.O. Box 76/175

Sector 6, 061126 Bucharest


© 2016 S.C. STRAERO S.A. All Rights Reserved

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